K-9 Program

The Mount Dora Heroes Foundation K-9 Program supports two goals:

Assist with the placement and support of retired police dogs.

Grow and advance the Mount Dora Police Department’s K-9 unit. 

Between the ages of seven and nine, most police dogs are placed into retirement. During its years of service, a police dog becomes a vital member of any police force and community. Upon retirement, the Mount Dora Heroes Foundation seeks to honor any K-9 unit dog with the respect and honor it deserves.

Typically, the dog itself is placed with its long time handler. The K-9 Program specifically helps reduce the burden on the dog’s caretakers by assisting in covering medical costs as the dog ages.

Furthermore, the fund is used to reinforce the Mount Dora Police Department’s K-9 unit by helping defray the costs of purchasing and training new service dogs.