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2019 Mount Dora Heroes Canine Mayor Race Kicks Off!

It's that time of year when every dog big or small, will be starting their campaigns to become the next Mount Dora Heroes Foundation - Canine Mayor for 2019.

This competition is open to any breed of dog, as long as they have a Mount Dora residential or business address. Now to win, that's a different story, the dog with the most $10.00 votes is the winner. It's the owners responsiblity to promote their puppy, any way they see fit. If using any Social Media Channels, Mount Dora Heroes Foundation will gladly provide a branded graphic to direct people to their puppies landing page for voting. Pupppy Parents can send emails, talk to their friends, attend puppy-friendly city events, and talk up the reason's why their puppy should be Mayor! For a last minute push, Puppy Parents and their "Caninedates" can register for $5.00 to take part in the Paw Parade on November 24th at 9:30 am.

As a unique fundraising opportunity, the Mount Dora Herores had a dream to get the community involved in a fun way and since we love our own K9's so much, we thought there was no better way to accomplish our goals. As part of the Mount Dora Heroes Foundation, one of our missions is to assist with the placement and support of retired police dogs. (To learn more about the K9 Program Click Here)

Our Canine Mayor serves for one year and will receive:

  • An official collar
  • A reserved parking spot at the City Dog Park
  • Will participate and represent the city in parades and other events
  • Bragging Rights as the "Honorary Canine Mayor of Mount Dora."

Each year our Canine Mayor holds this prestigious position for one year which starts on January 1. Nominations and voting for the 2019 Honorary Canine Mayor are currently taking place until December 2, 2018. To learn more Click Here!